Addin Ab Aziz + Shaahidah Shukri

Addin Ab Aziz + Shaahidah Shukri
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Alone. . . .

hurm,its bored when alone. . . nothing to do, just stay at home. lay on my bed,waiting for the messages and thinks that things happened in my life. the sweet and sad memory. sometimes i'm smiling for no reason and sometimes i'm cry alone just only because the sad memory thats happened in my life. no one cared about me and thought that me are not important. i try to understand thats you're so busy and its okay :) i know you somewhere out there and somewhere far away from me. doesn't think about me. i wish that you were here with me, but we're stuck where we are and its so hard, you're so far. can your hear me crying?:') i often catch myself constantly wondering how you are,sitting alone with my mind set so far, reminiscing about your smile, voice. . . i'm missing you much!:') nothing hurts more then waiting you since i don't even know what i'm waiting for anymore. i want to be with you tonight, tomorrow, today and i know that it can't happen now but it will someday :)

Addin Ab Aziz
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